Saturday, December 31, 2011

This blog post is brought to you courtesy of procrastination. I SHOULD be packing my car and hitting the road, as I am definitely leaving this morning (early afternoon).  However, I pulled a late night last night and I'm not moving as fast as I used to be.

This is face of exhausted, hung-over & "just can't hang like I used to".

Blog-A-Day Countdown to 2012: #3
Procrastination & On the Road Again

This time at home has gone by in a blur. I haven't played poker, I haven't thought about poker, I haven't dreamed about suits and flops and suck outs. It's been a much-needed break. I have however, spent a lot of time with family and friends that I have missed tremendously. Josh Cooper once said something about how going home, you realize that life goes on without you. Which really, is pretty much common sense.. but it stuck with me. Since being home I've had a few really memorable moments, a lot of laughs, some good natured flirtation and some of the dynamic (or at least the way I view) a few of the people here has evolved. All anybody really wants is to hear the words "You don't really have to leave again, do you?" And when I did, and realized I didn't have a choice.. it hit me.. life is going to go on, and I'm going to miss out on a lot of awesome moments with people I really dig. Hopefully they won't completely forget about me. <3

Okay, pity party over. I get to spend 2012 in some of the coolest cities in America, surrounded by poker and doing something I love to do. Life could be a whole lot worse.

Symbolism for the win.

I intended to bring in the New Year with Scotty, here in Memphis. But I neglected to visit my sister over Christmas, and I'm running really short on time.  So tonight, hopefully, I will bring in the New Year on the beach. It's a great place to celebrate the passing of an epic year. It's rather sneaky how the New Year comes in under the cover of darkness.  One minute it's everything behind you, and the next it's a whole new year.. full of expectations and goals.

Mom has just announced that she may hop in the car with me, and just Amtrak it back to Memphis in a few days.  So this will be all the better.. having us all three together.

Tuesday I'll be checking into Biloxi, gearing up for the Million Dollar Heater and back in poker world. I'll admit, I'm looking forward to being productive again, and seeing the poker friends I've been away from since heading out west.  Scott is coming down Thursday to shack up for a few days and try his hand at a tournament or two.

I'm already thinking about when I'll get back to Memphis, though. Right now it's looking like February. March if I pick up another event. It's weird how it works.. you leave with a schedule and then everything changes, and even with the best of intentions, 6 months slips away before you can blink.

I'm going to pack. I'll do my best to update throughout the day, as I am still hoping to get my countdown done. <3


  1. "life is going to go on, and I'm going to miss out on a lot of awesome moments with people I really dig."

    While this may be true the fact is that you are going to be making a lot of awesome moments as well with some people that you dig and maybe with some people you will eventually come to call friend in the future - which means that you really aren't missing out.

    All of your buds in other locations will fill you in on the juicy details and you can live vicariously through them much like they will be doing with you as your regal them in stories from far away lands.

    It took me quite a while to stop "missing" my friends while I was away and to learn to love the moments that I do have with them as our paths cross again.

    Hope you have a great New Year!

  2. Thank you, Grouchie. You're right. There is a line from the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" that I carry with me. Jim Carey says "WHY do I fall in love with every single woman who shows me the slightest bit of attention?" And though I don't 100% identify with the literal intent behind that.. I too fall in love with every single person, scenario, city and place I visit. To a deep and personal level. Even as a little girl, I would cry when I went somewhere and then had to go home, and then cry when I'd have to leave home again. I'm passed the temper tantrum days.. but I do get a bit misty eyed during transitions..

    I never want to leave the place I'm at, and I can never wait to get to the next place. All of it, every person and every moment means so much to me.

    I know 2012 is going to be great. Each year keeps getting better. I hope you reach your goals (Not the crack-head Larry goal of course), but to become debt free and the like. I will be following you, with gusto. <3

  3. Josie - Thank you! I read yours as well, and will happily link it on the side on my blog roll if you're okay with it. :) Some people aren't (oddly) so I TRY to ask first. Hope your New Year is a fantastic one!

  4. Great blog, Jennifer. I read back a few posts and read the excellent post about Tony. I have been aware of who he is for some time but have not been reading his blog until more recently. Saw him at poker tables two nights my last trip to Las Vegas but was too beat to want to start a conversation. I hope to talk with him my next trip in February.