Monday, December 26, 2011

Blog-A-Day Countdown to 2012: Depression be Creepin', Ready to be Productive Again

Blog-A-Day Countdown to 2012: #7
Depression is a Creeper, Ready for Work

I have 100,000 things I COULD write about.. but I'm just feeling rather run-down.  Back to work next week, and I'm ready for it.  Granted, I could stay here at the farm for ages more and not get tired of it.. but I'm just ready to be doing something with my time.

I didn't go to Florida.  Last minute issues.. Mom was sick, and didn't feel up to traveling. She's doing better today, but still not great. I've got to spend some time with my sister though. She's also going through some health issues, that are significant enough that it'll prohibit her from deploying to Afghanistan (Which sounds like a blessing, but when it's because you're sick.. it's really not). She's in Destin, FL.. so there are definitely worse places to visit.

So simple. So pretty. <3

I'm heading down to see her this weekend, and meet her new-but-serious boyfriend Marvin.  I've talked to him on the phone a few times and he seems cool. I'm glad she's happy. I'll go straight from there to Biloxi. It's not too far of a drive.. just a couple hours, and will save me about 800 miles round trip. Considering how reliable my car is, this is a +EV move.

Bex and Marvin. He's little Red Riding Hood, she's the Big Bad Wolf.
Based on this picture, they're clearly perfect for each other.
And if it doesn't work out, she'll have someone to shop with.
Look at the way he's rockin' those heels.
Reminds me of Scott Williams. Almost.

I need to brush up on my Triple Draw games.  This will be the first event I deal that has Triple Draw events, and though I'm familiar with them.. I haven't actually had to spread them yet. I'll be watching YouTube videos and making my mom play guinea-pig. CatCat isn't much use.. he just wants to slap the chips around.

Christmas was good. Kinda weird without Bex here.. first time she's ever not been home for Christmas. Mom liked her presents and seemed generally happy with the holiday, despite feeling bad and missing 33% of our family.

I really do heart this show.

Mom and I have caught up on all the Grimm episodes out.  I really like that show. I fear it won't get renewed because the concept is a bit complicated.. but I'd rank it up there with everything else I watch in terms of quality of writing.  Actually, the writers are pretty witty. I love cop-dramas, and forensic dramas.. but I also love Fantasy genre.  This is a mesh of all of them.  The premise is the ancient Grimm Brothers fairy tales are an actuality, but the cast of characters charade around as normal people (i.e. big bad wolves, three little pigs, bears..etc), and cause all kinda chaos for the Grimm (who is also a cop) to sort out. It sounds a lot more convoluted than it really is, but the show is quite enjoyable. I hope we get at least a full season before it gets canned.  This always seems to happen with the shows I really get into. I LOVED The Riches, but it only lasted 1.5 seasons before getting scrapped. I suppose I can't complain too much.. House, Grey's, Dexter.. these have all been around for many many years now.

My bankroll on Lock is up to $56, from $20 from grinding micro-stakes.  I'll admit, it's pretty mind-numbing. For me, it's more a test of will power than actual accomplishment.  I have a hard time taking poker seriously when the stakes are below .10 for a BB.  Makes me want to chase everything, and suddenly.. 57o looks like a stellar hand, because.. Hell, it's only .15 to call!  Terrible logic, I know.

I heard from a lot of you on Christmas, and didn't from some I expected to. I'm glad the holiday is over, because now we can get started on a New Year.. which brings all sorts of new possibilities and opportunities. I know that sounds hokey, but really.. I'm excited for 2012.  2011 was a year of so much change for me, and 2012 will continue on with that theme for sometime.  Hopefully I get to see and do as much.

How I'm feeling on the inside, right this second.
Less Green though.
I'm going to take some Nyquil and hit the sack with CatBeast and a movie. I don't know why my head is in a fog. It isn't really depression, but it feels like the cusp of depression. I've written about depression, as it pertains to me and others, many times.. and though it's far from being an overwhelming theme here, I can generally tell when it's trying to rear it's ugly head.  This is one of those times.  I feel overwhelmed by so many little things I can't control right now, and it's starting to weigh on me. All I want to do is sleep. I realize I need to get proactive to beat this and keep it from creeping into a legitimate spell. I suppose tomorrow I'll saddle up a horse or go do something outside, weather permitting. At the very least, I'll get out of bed at a decent hour and be productive.

I hope you're all well fed and warm, in the week-between-holidays. Keep in touch. <3

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  1. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and that 2012 turns into a stellar year for CatCat and yourself. I enjoy when you post. One day I hope to make it into a poker game you are dealing, and to see the infamous CatBeast.