Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gender Eve, Change of Plans, More Blogs Forecasted

Tonight is Gender-Eve in our household.  Which is the precise night before we find out the gender of our currently ambiguous baby, making his or her appearance mid-fall. Yes, boys and girls, I'm pregnant.  I don't really need to explain HOW this happened (Do I?), or WHEN this happened. I will say that Steven and I are very happy. A bit surprised, but happy to wander into the unknown and tackle this parent thing head-on.

An accomplishment, indeed!

We weren't planning on having a child right now. Maybe some day in the very distant future. Apparently quitting smoking catapults your fertility into oblivion, making it capable of overriding even the most fastidious protection methods.

Look at us. Un-pregnant smokers. Little did we know...

But really, I'm 32. He's 28. We're employed. We have money in savings. We have vehicles that run (fingers crossed!). Family for moral support. We love each other. Why not?

I know that I could spend the rest of my life with this man, and never question it. He's definitely "the one" for me. So why not? Parenthood, here with come!

I know I joke all the time, but really, he is the greatest man I know.
And I have fun with him.
That's pretty much all the convincing I needed.
Oh and he does dishes too. SCORE!

Our immediate plans are to settle in Gulf Coast, Mississippi.  We're looking to buy somewhere in the Gulfport or Long Beach area. Maybe Biloxi. Continue to travel with the WSOP some, deal here some and maybe utilize our educations a bit. Ultimately though, we still want to hit the Florida poker market and migrate towards warmer, sunnier climate. Maybe once the Walnut is school age.

We are both going to Vegas this summer.. though I'll be big as a house. And then to the WPO in Tunica, MS. After that, I may go into hibernation for the remainder of the year while he steps out a  bit for various events (if necessary).

I won't bog the blog down with gritty pregnancy details. Though we're purely a couple formed through the poker world, I can't imagine a primarily poker playing demographic wants to hear about how I'd slay someone for Mexican food right now. If you're interested in following along, finding out more about the Walnut and whatnot, feel free to add me (or him!) on Facebook.

Needless to say, this is a big change for me.  Those of you who know me, or even those who have just followed through the blog over the last few years, know that I've always been footloose and fancy free.  A relationship was a stretch for me.. much less, a SERIOUS relationship. But things change.. and really, there is something different with this one.  I chased this man down since the first conversation we had. I fell in love first. Head over heels really. I moved mountains to put myself in his path and win him over. And though he was never far behind me on any sentiment or idea... this is the first time in my life I've been 1,000% sure that I want something. Someone.

I couldn't be happier. Even when I'm bawling because the pregnancy has made me a temporary nutt bar.

So I won't be traveling the world, at least with as much frequency. But I will have more time to devote to my writing. I certainly have more time for reading.  Please message me your recommendations for what blogs I need to add to my blogroll, or feel free to link your own below. Hopefully, I'll be seeing much more of all of you now.

Thanks for reading!