Friday, February 4, 2011

'37- Bustout - Nirvana - GCP - Beth Gains

Last Tuesday I invited a handful of friends out to Harrah's '37 for dinner.  Unfortunately, this coincided with SNOWPACALYPSE or at least, the threat of an apocalyptic snowstorm.. that though it never occurred, definitely caused a 50 degree temperature drop in 24 hours and scared the daylights out of everyone.  We still had a great turnout though, all things considered. Our group included the Rice's family, several of my Horseshoe friends/coworkers, Ross Bysbee, Bob Talbot, Jeff Griffith of Bustout Poker, Jason Brady and of course.. Scotty and I.

The only one I hadn't met in person yet was Jeff Griffith, and I include here for your delight and amusement the one picture I was able to take (It was really dark), of Jeff participating in the consumption of not one, but six cheesecakes. I'm sure he'll find this photo as flattering as I do. I really wish I'd been able to get more photos from the occasion, but really, I've been in caves that had better natural lighting than this restaurant.  The food, however, was great and the company was even better. A+++ to the service at '37.  Next time I've got 20 friends and need to feed them, you're top on my list.

Business was discussed, but certainly wasn' the topic of conversation.  We also delighted in Jason Brady's sweater.  Argyle. It's making a comeback. On the topic of business, the recent success of Bustout poker came up. Because this particular partnership is exciting to me (A merging of the greatest poker publication on the shelf, and my favorite poker apparel company), I will plug it here.  Everyone should check out the Ante Up Bustout Store. I'm generally not one to plug other people's products, but this is one I can get behind.  Not only is Team Bustout featuring some of my personal friends and people I genuinely look up to, but the owners.. Jeff and Nikki are two pretty fantastic people and their contribution to the poker industry is significant. Significant enough that I invite you to approach me the next time you see me at an event, and if you're wearing your bustout gear, I want a picture with you so I can sing your praises on my facebook/blog/at random card tables.

The night was concluded with more business talk in a fairly deserted bar at The Goldstrike.  During this conversation, Jeff shared that he despises Nirvana. Though I didn't really get into it, I too share these sentiments.  He went on to elaborate that he despises them SO much that he'll change the station if they come on. Proving, once again, that God has a special place in his heart for poker players.. like magic, Goldstrike becomes infiltrated with the nerve grating riffs of "Come as you Are".  I once ended a fairly successful relationship with someone who is still on my facebook (Love you doll!) because I couldn't get past the Kurt Cobain poster over his bed. Really. It was a comical ending to a successful evening.

EDIT: (Because it took less than twenty minutes for my Nirvana lovin' Ex to contact me about this blog post, I should add that he's an amazing man and this was written to be funny. It was the distance, not necessarily Kurt. Though.. I'm still not a fan of Kurt. ;) ).

I will be adding a new link to this blog. One that most of you will be pretty familiar with, and if you aren't familiar with it.. you need to GET familiar with it.  I am joining the Gulf Coast Poker family of bloggers and I couldn't be happier about having my literary travesties hung out beside the likes of Poker Monkey and Kai Landry. These two fellows could write a grocery list and it would fully entertain me.

I will also be blogging on Beth Gain's new site, which has plans to launch sometime next week. (??).  Beth "Betyamama" Gains of "Eat Play Love" Poker Fame is not only talented (And hot!), but I like what she's doing with women and poker and I'm happy to be involved in her newest project. I will be including more details and appropriate links when that's live as well.

The new job at Horseshoe is going swimmingly.  I love the people I work with, I love the regulars, and right now I'm so completely overwhelmed with the amount of information I'm having to digest that I can't even possibly write more about it.. except to say, come see me at Horseshoe! I love when I hear from you guys, and nothing makes a night at work more enjoyable that seeing familiar faces. <3

See you all in Tunica!


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