Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Fantastic Horseshoe Tournament Event Weekends - Do NOT Miss Out.

Horseshoe Tunica had this amazing tournament schedule for Mid-May.  I'm pretty sure Mother Nature already had her plane tickets booked for Vegas, because the river rose.. and everything down here was flooded out, effectively cancelling our little shin-dig.

Not to be thwarted, the crew at the 'Shoe have an even better deal.

Rising Waters - Flood Relief
$15,000 Added
No-Limit Mega Weekends
June 17-18-19 June 24-25-26

$5000 added to each Saturday Noon Tournament

$5000 Winner Take All Free-roll on June 26th
(All Final Table Players Qualify)

Friday June 17th- 6pm $120 + $10 Buy-in $8,000 Chips ~ 20 Min levels
Saturday June 18th- Noon $550 + $10 Buy-in $15000 chips ~ 30 Min Levels
$5000 Added
Saturday June 18th- 7pm $120 + $10 Buy-in $8000 chips ~ 20 Min Levels
Sunday June 19th- Noon $230 + $10 Buy-in $10000 chips ~ 30 Min Levels
$10,000 Guarantee

Friday June 24th- 6pm $120 + $10 Buy-in $8000 Chips ~ 20 Min Levels
Saturday June 25th- Noon $550 + $10 Buy-in $15000 Chips ~ 30 Min Levels
$5000 Added
Saturday June 25th- 7pm $120 + $10 Buy-in $8000 chips ~ 20 Min Levels
Sunday June 26th- Noon Free-roll
$5000 winner take all
All Final Table Players Qualify ($10 DB)

Satellites $35 and $70 starting at 9am Friday June 17th (Fri, Sat, Sun)
$35 Satellite pays $200 voucher and $30 Cash. Second place pays $50
$70 Satellite pays $550 Voucher and $30 Cash. Second Place pays $50
Info and Reservation line 662-357-5608

Now, I don't think I need to convince you of reasons to come play these tournament weekends.  If you're anywhere other than Vegas, there shouldn't be a question.  But in case you literally live under a rock and need it spelled out for you.. NO ONE adds money anymore. I'm not talking about guarantees. Everyone can put a guarantee on a tournament and set the break even point right around what they think they'll pull.. and really not have to invest much, if anything.  But to add money, regardless of turn out, is something that has all but become unheard of.

Which means, whether 200 people show up.. or 9.. Horseshoe is adding $5,000. Whether the prize pool gets to $10K on it's own, or $30K.. they're still adding $5K.  You get the point.

And it isn't just $5K on this tournament, but THREE different shots at your share of $5K.  Which means, you only have to be a winning player one third of the time.  You can pull that off, right? Or, if you're runnin' real hot, you can take your share of all three $5K bonuses.

Seriously, if I wasn't a Harrah's employee, I would leave Vegas or wherever I was playing, just to play these two event weekends.  It's a pretty tremendous amount of added value.

Ten reason you want to come play this event.
In no particular order.
As if you weren't already planning on it.
  1. Horseshoe is the best poker room in Mississippi, and has been fielding a fierce PLO game lately.
  2. I work there. Which means, you can make me get you a sandwich or fetch you chips and I can't say no. Well, I can. But it won't bode well for my career.
  3. We're full of weird zombie-like online players right now, who have no poker home, and are prone to walking away from the tables while action is still pending. Translation: EASY MONEY. Come get some.
  4. Our staff is the best in the business. (Yes, I am biased. But it's still accurate.)
  5. $5,000 added money? No gimmick? True story.
  6. The structure on our tournaments is tremendously good. Slow moving, decent stacks.. as great a structure as you can hope for, in a one day event.
  7. I will give you a cookie if you come.
  8. Our air conditioning works really well. It's like 12 degrees in here right now. Bring a hoodie.
  9. We're essentially throwing $15,000 out on the table, for anyone who wants it. Come get you some.
  10. The really tough contenders are in Vegas right now. Which means, easy fields. And you're likely to be the best. Which means, you win! Jackpot!

Thanks for your support in advance.  Please repost this one for me and help get the word out. If you  have any questions for me directly.. feel free to get in touch. I hope to see a bunch of you in Tunica over the next couple of weekends.

And because my Amazon Associates Application asked, here is the book I'm reading. The CD I'm obsessed with, and the movie I watched today. Which is one of my all time favorites.

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