Thursday, November 11, 2010

Biloxi Poker, Painkillers and Dressing in Drag.

The IP WSOPC Biloxi was a success.  Well, as much of a success as I'd hoped it would be.  For me it was more of a work trip than a poker trip.. networking, gathering tidbits for the column and maybe a little poker thrown in for good measure.  I managed a final table, as did my friend Scott.  I managed to get penalized (first time ever), and I got to meet a lot of the awesome facebookers that have added me over the last six months.

The blog has moved over from its previous host to Blogger, because..well.. Blogger seems to be the way everyone is going. That technically makes this a "first" post, despite the fact that I've kept a blog for approx. 11 years now.  This one is just more focused. And less dependent on LiveJournal co-operating. I haven't focused, nearly as much as I should have, on getting the Bella Donkey site and blog live.. but with all the "out of town" trips out of the way for the year, this has become the new priority! I managed to lose all my "friends" and "followers" in the transition, so if you'll bear with me during the "under construction" phase, I hope SOME of the previous readers will come along too. :)

I managed to work a couple of the "High Points" from the IP into my column.  A local player, Bob Talbot who is new to the tournament scene (but not to poker), cashed an impressive $42K in the championship event with his third place finish.  Monkey, who I once kinda loathed but have since developed the uptmost respect for, scored his first WSOP ring and yet another first place cash in the Omaha 8 or better event. Speaking of Monkey.. we had a deal, regarding the breast cancer fundraising he attempted to do. I told him if he played the ladies event, I'd work him into the next column. Though he was prevented from actually playing, his effort was valiant.. and much to Kai Landry's dismay, there will be a picture of Monkey and Kai in full drag tied to the Miss Poker column next month. So, yay for that.

I got to officially congratulate Mark Rose on his victory at the GCPC, and if it were not for his penchant for flip flops, he may very well be the perfect man. Though I'm still not convinced that any male should ever wear flip flops in public (just a personal problem with hairy man toes), he pulled it off as well as one can. 

Next week, Ante UP Magazine (the publication kind enough to feature my "Miss Poker" column) is sponsoring the Magnolia Fall Classic at Horseshoe Tunica.  I will try to be there every day of the event, and at the very least will be playing in the Cash Blast on Sunday the 21st.

Leaving Biloxi, I managed to sprain my ankle.  I'm going to mark this one down in the books as my first official "poker" injury, though it doesn't directly correlate.  The result has been a week of accomplishing less than I needed to, and many hazy hours under the influence of prescription medication. Playing on the side of caution, I've avoided the card rooms this week and the break has been nice.  I also haven't really spent time around any of my "poker" friends, and having conversations with people who live outside the bubble has been kinda cool.  I'm sure the novelty will wear off by the time Friday rolls around and I'm back to Southland to greet the regular players with my usual gusto.

If you're in the area, you should stop by the Magnolia next week at the Horseshoe.  The buy-ins are affordable, and there is a pretty awesome overlay in the sense that each noon event will have a main event seat to the WSOPC Tunica added by Horseshoe.. not taken from the prize pool.  That is an added value of approx. $1600.  Worth the trip, indeed. :) 


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