Wednesday, November 24, 2010

December Live Events and how I hate Online Poker.

At this point I'm pretty convinced that online poker was created and funded by Ebay and  If it were not for ridiculously lengthy online tournaments, I'd probably never shop online.  I'm expecting a Christmas Card from both Absolute AND the entire executive staff at Ebay this season.

I don't get it.  I know tons of people who do really fantastic online. I absolutely can not run well there.  Maybe its because of my insane ADD, or my propensity for multi tasking.. but it seems like I can't get a grasp on the learning curve. To be honest, this isn't even a part of my game that I really want to develop either. I hate people who bitch and moan about things being rigged, or how terrible they're running.. (My usually unpopular response to people moaning about being card dead for six months is to ask them if it has occurred to them that they might just suck at poker).. but I find myself sitting there watching bad beat after bad beat and wondering if it IS possible to beat the software and bots anymore. Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of nights where I can't hit a flop.. can't get a starting had with anything above an 8 in it.. and I usually can turn it around.  Or chip out and take a walk. But online, I can be running hot as hell and it still feels like I'm playing roulette.

On the note of shopping, I also find it amusing that I cringe at the idea of paying $120 for a sweater.. but a $120 buy in on a 7 pm event seems low-rollin' to me. Priorities I suppose.

December's line up is convienient but unimpressive.  Goldstrike has the Winter Classic from December 2nd through the 12th, and NOLA has their usual December event.  I've heard from more than a few people that they typically take the holidays off.  I'm thinking of skipping NOLA altogether and just running in and out of Goldstrike more for social reasons than actually to play.  Jan. is a HUGE month (at least in terms of what I can cover for the magazine) with the Southern Championship and the beginning of the Harrah's event in Tunica.  The Beau event is so freakin' long though. I have approx. a week of comped rooms there, so I may head down around the time of the main.. but I have zero intention of playing a 10K event unless I freeroll into it through other successes. I haven't even begun to look at Feb or March, much less beyond that.  I think my brain is fried. Ebay can fix this...

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