Friday, July 31, 2020

Closure, A Decade of Barely Blogging and Plans

I hate when I find posts on the internet where a stranger asks an interesting question, receives excellent advice and then we NEVER GET CLOSURE. The question can be "last night a large lump grew on my left foot, what do I do?!" and if I run across this thread seven years later I will invest significant energy into looking up the original poster's user history or even googling their screen name so I can find out what happened to their foot lump.

Before you know it, I'm seven pages into their sister in law's oldest child's graduation photos on Facebook looking for answers and now I'm emotionally attached.

I will check on you and your lumpy foot and then befriend your gardener and coworkers. 

I am an unreliable writer who disappears for years at a time, yet I demand accountability from User172899 on the foot growth Quora board. The internet is an excellent place to hide hypocrisy behind good intentions because all you have to do is ignore the notifications and pretend like you didn't know better.

The social anxiety I get from a build up of notifications is only paralleled by the anxiety of opening one.
Here I am. Its 2020. When I started this blog, I had just turned 30 was single and traveling the world one poker event at a time. Now, I'm just turned 40, super settled down in Las Vegas and a married mother of two. Amazing what a decade can bring with it.

My intent right now is to come back and write. Regularly. Although I have no idea about what yet.


  1. I started out posting about poker. Particularly after Black Friday, I began writing less about poker and more about my personal life. When I go back and review blog posts, I am glad I wrote about both. Lots of great memories now down for me to read since I have a crappy memory. Write what you feel you need to express.

    I have gone my longest time ever without posting in my blog. I did write some great Facebook posts in the meantime. Maybe tomorrow...

  2. Are there any Dealer’s Angel VBJ machines around? Asking for a friend!

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