Monday, September 26, 2011

A quickie update. Laughlin, Reno, Imperial Palace and More.

We're still doing the comp-hopping.  So far I've lived at Bally's, Harrah's, Circus Circus, The Orleans, Harrah's Laughlin and now Imperial Palace this month. I've enjoyed seeing Vegas in this capacity.  It's certainly done a wonder on my love affair with the city.. it's diminishing, rapidly. Just the two days we spent in Laughlin were a breath of fresh air.. being back near water, and interesting terrain made me miss the south and being outside.  Being around the critters.  This has been a learning experience on a lot of different levels.  First and foremost being that I am definitely a southern girl!

I have a few lists, a few pictures and some brief thoughts before I scramble off to bed.

Where I am right now.  I know this picture is a bit confusing, but I like it.  What you see reflected in the window is the McDonald's behind me (Free WiFi for the win), and outside the McDonald's is The Mirage (In front) and Casino Royale (to the right). Even at 5 am, with the sun starting to creep up, this place is a flurry of activity. A McDonald's Flurry.
See what I did there? I slay myself.

Cops Las Vegas, Or Las Vegas Cops.. whichever it is.  They're always around, looking for degenerates to film.  I have a story about this actually, but it involves a drunk friend and I need to feel out how much I should change to protect the not-so-innocent before I publish it.  Standby.
We had a food credit at The Orleans so dinner at Big Al's Oyster Bar was in order.  Large bowls of mediocre food served with chunks of what can only be the world's largest Saltine Cracker pictured here. 
And an "unaware he's being photographed John Hardin".
I give this place, one thumbs up.  The company gets two thumbs up.
Thanks Josh, Jen and John. :)

For protecting your valuables. CatCat is adjusting to a life of travelin' just fine.  He likes to explore EVERYTHING. It was all I could do to convince Josh that we shouldn't leave the Cat in the safe.

...And Now..
A few points of interest.

  • We leave to deal the Reno Pot O' Gold event on Tuesday.  Come see us both!   I'd like as many of you as possible to show up.. make me look like I have some street cred on the west coast. ;)
  • My Mom has been going through a rough time at the farm in Cordova.  So I'm going to put a quick plug in for her.. she teaches horseback riding lessons, boards horses and has Siamese kittens for sale.  If you need any of this, or have a kid's birthday party coming up and need to rent a pony, call her at 9017547687.
  • After Reno there is a possibility of a Southern California road trip.  If I don't get hired on for Oregon in November, there is the distinct possibility of a visit back home.
  • Special Thanks to the Indianapolis Colts for covering the generous 11 points you were given. Cooper and his sport's betting enterprise is grateful. (As are CatCat and myself, cause we get to hear about it).
I'm really looking forward to Reno.  It will put me in a better position to figure out what the next  move is for me.  I'm honestly not sure right now.  I would love to say that things have gone exactly as planned, but hey.. they rarely do.  The Riv doesn't have the volume of business to sustain another dealer (or even some of the existing ones), so I've got to figure out what is next on the agenda.  I'm up for flipping a coin on this.  I'm fairly resourceful.  I'm sure something will present itself.  And if it doesn't, I've gotten really good at bumming around aimlessly.  Here's to goals!

Dexter starts back up next week.  Can't wait. Pretty sure this is the last season for Dexter, House, Desperate Housewives, Grey's AND Private Practice.  Which means, I may not watch TV at all next year.  Except for Glee.  Shut up. I like Glee. DON'T JUDGE ME.

Cockroaches must be on vacation..

We are staying at the Imperial Palace right now, and I'd like to publicly say that all the negative hype is overrated.  Sure, it's no Bellagio.  Or even Bally's.  And our room KINDA feels like a hospital room. And there is an odd could-be-rust-stain-could-be-blood-splatter stain on the top right of the curtains in our room.  And the window overlooks an industrial alley. But I expected rats the size of cats and cockroaches sharing my bed the way some of you talk.  And really, it's clean. And it's comped, and it's orderly. I get better TV reception on my iPhone, but to be honest, the IP Vegas is no worse than any motel 6.  Any FREE room is a great room to me. :)

A delayed birthday celebration..

My two favorite guy friends both had a birthday this week.  The same birthday, September 23rd. Josh Cooper is 27, and Scott Williams is 29.  For the 14th straight year.  I feel awful because I wasn't able to do anything for either of them due to financial constraints (And by financial constraints I mean.. being out of work for WAY too f'n long). I've got top secret plans to make it up to both of them though, and I'll be writing a blog post about it when I pull these plans off. For now though, let me just sum up by saying that you two are invaluable to me.  You both make me want to choke you 50% of the time, and the other 50% of the time, I can't imagine getting through a day without you. I heart you both, and I'm a better person for knowing you both.

This about sums it all up.. for now..

Sorry there isn't more content here.. I'm cramped on time and to do these right takes hours.  You're not missing much.  My day consists of waiting for work right now.. sleeping, eating, hanging out with Josh and CatCat, hanging out on my own, wandering around taking pictures of things that delight me and thinking a lot.  A lot of self evaluation.  A lot of playing chess on my computer. Nothing terribly earth shattering.  I'll update again once I get to Reno.  In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves. <3 <3

P.S. It was recently brought to my attention that one "Rocco" has finally discovered my blog.  Knowing this, my life is more complete. I will rest easier at night. Now if only we could get him to write a blog..

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