Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sometimes so much blog builds up...

The text messages, emails and irate phone calls have begun.  I realize you're all tired of reading about my last night in Memphis.  I get it.  I'm working on an update, I promise.  The problem I'm facing is SO much has happened, and I have little to no time right now. I'm working all day every day at the Riviera.  The first week, I was also going out every night.. because, well.. I'm in VEGAS!

The enchantment of the bright lights has not subsided, but my desire to sleep two hours a night has.  So I'm falling into a normal routine.  There have been more than a few funny moments I'll share with you all, and a few embarrassing ones as well.

I'll get SOMETHING up tonight, even if it kills me.

Thanks for keeping up with me, even if I haven't been the most diligent in reporting from Mars.


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