Monday, May 30, 2011

I need your help with a photo project, poker players.

Please help out by forwarding this request as a status update, or call to action through your own social medias. I need you to email, text or Facebook me the pictures and videos I know you all have on your phones.  The ones of the ridiculous shit we see on a day to day basis in casinos.  We've all had those moments, when what we're witnessing is just too good to pass up.. and a photo must be taken.  I've got several saved for an epic update of the ridiculousness that is casino life.  Many of you already forward me your "You gotta see this" moments. 

I want to compile them into a picture update.  I can give you photo credit, and include any interesting story to accompany the photo. Or you can do it anonymously, without even naming the property it was taken on.

My phone number is on my facebook, but you can text 901.921.8860 as well.  And creepers? I never, ever answer the phone unless I actually feel like talking to you. So I'm totally not worried about my number being "out there".  You all know someone who has it anyway.  Email to or Facebook me with your brilliant photos.

I'm looking for everything from the people sleeping in casino lobbies, to the ridiculously hot drunk chicks and plenty of those embarassing "WTF?" moments.

To follow will hopefully be a fantastic photo compilation of everything that makes casino resort lifestyle worth laughing over.


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